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Want to know more about “Favours” we include in our website products?

We find that offering CMS for users to make website changes doesn't always work and would still require some technical knowledge.

Favours is a service we offer to help ease with all your website changes. It could be from updating complicated HTML content, uploading multiple files or even photo resizing & editing.

Whatever it is, Favours allows you to take advantage of our abilities to make changes to your website better and faster because of our web expertise, enterprise software tools and the speed of our machines.

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Are you a designer looking to add website services to your existing portfolio?

The internet is a fast moving global network and the technical side of it can be daunting if not intimidating to those who are non-technical.

If you are those creative people who can't stand coding and don't really want to get your hands dirty with technical stuff like Domain Name, Hosting, DNS , Web Server, Backup... etc. then we might just have the thing for you.

This programme is ideal for those who struggles with all things technical.

We got you covered.

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Need the extra bit to make your existing website more awesome?

jQuery is a fast and concise javascript library that makes website more awesome with animations, rich user controls and AJAX calls.

It is this very javascript library that currently powers this website's homepage slider, fading effects on this page, our product gallery and more.

It is also used on popular websites like Amazon, Twitter, IBM, DELL, NBC, ESPN, Bank of America just to name a few.

So let us add some jQuery goodness to your upcoming or current website and make it more awesome.

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