Our Service

What is this Back-end for Designers?

Back-end for Designers is a programme designed for designers/creative people who rather spend more time doing what they love than trying to manage anything technical.

It is where we collaborate with designers/creative people and handle all technical aspects that they rather not touch — from HTML5 & CSS3 coding, Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, DNS Settings, Database, Backup solutions and more. And we offer the same quality of service as we do with our products; jam packed with lots of web goodness and without any nasty surprises.

What are the requirements?

We leverage on systems, software and tools we are familiar with along with providers we trust. This means whoever we collaborate with will be required to use our systems, services and providers.

We enforce this because most of our systems & providers we associate with have been proven over the years. It is one of our key factors in being able to service whoever we collaborate with well and be cost efficient at the same time.

What else is there?

We also offer you Favours as we do to all our website customers. We make sure you got you covered.