Our Product

What are Favours?

Proper website changes usually entails some HTML knowledge, image resizing & editing ability and famililarity with different web browsers.

Favours is an economical service we provide to help ease your website changes. It allows you to leverge on our abilities to change your website because we can do it better and faster using to web expertise, enterprise software tools and the speed of our machines.

With Favours, we take on the role as webmaster and assist you with all your website changes. (e.g. converting a WORD document to HTML, resizing and uploading multiple images, image manipulation & editing, generating QR Code…)

Whatever it is, Favours puts you on an autopilot seat, bypasses any need for a CMS as well as removng the need of making website changes yourself or anyone in your organisation completely. All you have to do is send us your changes in an email with clear instructions and we will take care of the rest.

How do Favours work?

Favours act like pre-paid credits where you get a set of 5 to start for free when you use our One Page Website or Standard Website products. Every website change you get us to do will reduce your Favours. Once you run out of Favours, you are required to buy another set of 5.

How many Favours does it take to make a website change?

For most website changes, they usually only take a Favour. We measure a Favour in 20 minutes interval. Because we can be fast with our web expertise, enterprise software tools and the speed of our machines, most website changes never take us longer than 20 minutes.

However there are cases where certain task takes a long time to complete. (e.g. clear-cutting large photos, adding watermark to a large number of images, cross-referencing database queries…) When that happens we will let you know in advance.

What else can I do with Favours?

While Favours are primarily designed for website changes, you can get us to do non-website change related jobs provided it is within our capabilities. (e.g. configuring you DNS settings, converting vector graphic files to bitmap, add some jQuery effects to a website, changing colours of your logo to one tone…)